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Meet Erika Harrison, the Founder & CEO of RD Solutions Marketing Firm. Her career in graphic design started nine years ago when she launched her first radio show, Simply The Dime. Creating and designing had always been one of her passions. Looking for new ways to challenge her creative abilities, she became interested in website design and brand development. 


As she developed her skillset in graphic design and marketing, she began to notice a growing need to help business owners understand the importance of creating a brand presence that would draw customers and set them apart in the marketplace.


In 2020 Erika completed the Cornell University Women Entrepreneurship program. She also received certificates in Job Retention and Career Advancement, Digital Marketing, and Running a Global Enterprise. Erika is a public speaker, author, and radio host who is an insightful pioneer in today's generation.

Yours Truly,

Erika Harrison

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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